7” 8” USB Monitor For Pos Point of Sale
Nov 02, 2017


USB Monitor is a USB external device, it can work,only need a USB cable connected a computer.,The difference from the general display is it will need to connect the PC Via the power cord and VGA cable, it’s similar to the common camera, it is done by 1 USB cable to offer the required power and graphics signal transmission.


The previous LCD monitor power is about 40W, no matter what kind of data interface on the computer can not meet such a high power requirements (with power output function USB2.0, for example, a single port maximum output power is 2.5W, from 40W Much worse). Therefore, in order to use the USB data cable to the display and power supply, the monitor's power consumption is low, the USB interface power supply capacity to mention up. With the enhanced film to achieve efficient LED backlight module, and can carry a higher power USB3.0, making USB power supply display become a reality.


 From the already published USB display products, using a two-headed USB3.0 line to connect, through the USB3.0 interface to transmit the display signal and power supply, the display power consumption is only 8W, so with two single-port power supply up to 4.5W USB3.0 interface can cope with. But it is not so simple.

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