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Factors affecting the scanner

Scanner resolution is determined from three aspects: the optical parts, hardware and software components. That is, the scanner resolution is equal to the resolution of the optical components in addition to its own hardware and software to analyse the resolution.

Optical resolution is the scanner's optical components in the per-square-inch area to capture the actual points of light, is a scanner CCD (or other devices) the physical resolution, is also the native resolution of the scanner, its value is by opto-electronic component divided by the scanner can capture the pixel level maximum scan size value obtained. If the scanner with a resolution of 1200DPI, its optical parts 400~600DPI of the resolution. Extending parts of the resolution generated by the hardware and software combined, this process is carried out by computer image analysis, gaps produced by mathematics populated part of (this process is called interpolation).

Optical scanning and output is one-to-one, scanning, what output it is. After computer processing, the output of the image would be more realistic, more high resolution. Currently available on the market most of the scanner with a resolution of software and hardware extensions. Write 9600x9600DPI on the scanner advertisement, it is only through software interpolation to the maximum resolution is not true optical resolution scanner. So the scanner, its resolution optical resolution (or Optical Resolution) and a maximum resolution of say, of course, our concern is the optical resolution, this is the last time.

We say a scanner resolution up to 4800DPI (this 4800DPI is the sum of the difference of optical resolution and software), refers to when entering image scanner, scanning of 1 square inch wide to collect to 4800x4800 pixels (Pixel). Scan 1-inch square area, with 4800DPI 4800Pixelx4800Pixel is the generated image size after scanning. When an image is scanned, scan resolution is set higher, finer image effect that is generated, the resulting image file is larger, but more interpolation component.