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POS machine failure analysis

Touch POS machine add a set of touch panel, and the others are not much difference with PC, so when there is the same defects  as PC, it can be treated with the same methods.


First, POS machine defects can be divided into hardware and software defects

1. Hardware defects:

 Such as: can not power on, the motherboard  alarm, screen shows the error message and can not enter the system.


2. Software defects:

  If the error message can not enter the system, or enter the system but the use of software can not work.


Second,How to analysis 

1. First analysis where the problem can be.


2. Checking the computer external power supply, equipment, lines, and then consider the internal problems of machine ;


3. first checking software, then the hardware


Third, the detailed operation

1. If the power switch without any reaction: Check the machine external power cord plugs are plugged in, the power adapter with or without broken.


2. Host speaker alaming: According to the number of sound to distinguish the errors, if the memory of the memory is loose will constitute an alarm.


3. Can not enter the operating system, press F11 for system recovery.


4. software defects:

(A) start the computer and press the F8 key, select the menu item 3 to enter the Windows security mode, check the defect from the head;

 (B) UNINSTALL the softwarfe and delete its address directory, and install the software again.

 (C) Contact the software vendor.