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What is the advange of IPS panel?

What is the advange of IPS panel?

IPS is abbreviation of In-Plane Switching, by the Hitachi Corporation in 2001 launched the LCD panel technology, commonly known as "Super TFT", is the world's most advanced LCD panel technology, has been widely used In the liquid crystal display and mobile phone screen display panel.

Popular, IPS screen is the use of IPS technology screen, compared to the general display screen, with a more clear and delicate dynamic display, visual effects even more outstanding, so we generally choose the LCD or smart phone screen, IPS screen will perform better. Because of this, the general IPS screen LCD monitor or smart phone, will become a businessmen often mentioned a big selling point.

IPS screen advantages

As the most advanced LCD panel technology, and now a lot of flagship mobile phone or some brands of LCD monitors are used IPS screen, such as Samsung Note4, iPhone6 and other well-known models, are using the top IPS panel screen. What is the advantage of IPS screen in the end? Listed below one by one.

Large viewing angle

IPS screen panel viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, positive viewing and viewing at different angles when the degree of color change to become the color twist rate, the resulting value is almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. Means that the effect of watching the screen from the front or the side is the same.

True color

This is also the IPS screen color pillow features a comprehensive show. IPS screen due to the color flip and brightness conversion performance, so you no matter from which angle to enjoy, you can see the bright colors, saturated natural high-quality screen.

Excellent picture quality

IPS screen screen can appear the performance of dynamic HD picture, especially for sports images to reproduce, no blur and trailing, is to watch digital high-definition video as well as fast moving pictures such as games, racing game box action movie a good carrier.

Introduction and Advantages of IPS Screen

Energy saving and environmental protection

IPS screen technology in the end of nuclear energy is also a major breakthrough, IPS screen power consumption to further decline, more energy saving. And because of the liquid crystal molecules were more rational arrangement, reducing the thickness of the liquid crystal layer, which has changed the brightness of the LCD screen, augmentation of the display, you can also make the display panel thinner, more power.

Ture color

IPS screen technology by the pro-gaze of professionals to meet the design, printing, aerospace and other industry professionals on the color of the more demanding requirements.