What's Difference of CCD Scanner and Laser Scanner
Dec 07, 2018

   From the scanning light, the laser is finer, and it will constantly shake, and the red light will be thicker.

   From the scope of application, ordinary laser scanners generally do not support screens such as mobile phones and computers. Image-type support can be supported. Red-light scanners can support electronic screens such as mobile phones in addition to conventional paper barcodes.

   The laser scanning module is a mechanical device. When it is oscillating, it is often damaged and the pendulum is detached. Therefore, we can often see that some of the lasers that are scanned after the laser guns fall out become a point, resulting in a relatively high rework. The red light scanning module has no mechanical structure in the middle, so the drop resistance is not comparable to the laser, so the stability is better, and the red light scanning module repair rate is far lower than the laser scanning module.

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