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101key Mechanical Programmble Keyboard with Magnetic Card Reader

101KEY PROGRAMED KEY BOARD PKB101 PKB101R ( only the first row of keys can be programmed) PKB101 without magnetic reader PKB101R with magnetic reader General Information: The PKB101/PKB101R is a only the first row of keys can be programmed(The model is PKB101RP/U) membrane keyboard with 101 keys...
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PKB101R (only the first row of keys can be programmed)  

PKB101 without magnetic reader   


PKB101R with magnetic reader    

General Information: 

The PKB101/PKB101R is a only the first row of keys can be programmed(The model is PKB101RP/U) membrane keyboard with 101 keys and standard keyboard code. It is dustproof and waterproof. It has two different types, with or without magnetic reader.

Based Feature:

  • Operating system: DOS, Win9X, Win Me, Win2K,Win XP

  • Interface: PS/2 or USB(The model is PKB101R/U)

  • Bi-direction swipe

  • Single track, dual track or three track

  • No battery and don’t install any drivers when the interface is USB

  • Durable and good handle

  • The PS/2 can be developed to be connected with other device like standard keyboard, bar code scanner

Programmable Feature:

  • 100 years data retention without additional battery

  • The key is multilevel: a key can be programmed with different character strings

  • Only the key in first line can be programmed, but a key have to less than 255 characters, and the keyboard can’t be programmed

  • Normal operation by itself or connected with other keyboard

  • Any key can be defined including Num/Cap/ Scroll/ Lock, Crtl, Alt, Shift, F1 ect,

  • Multi-country codes

Magnetic Feature:

  • Accord with ISO, IBM, DIN, ASNT

  • The power supply: DC+3.3V

  • Card Swipe Speed: 10-140cm/s

  • Life circle of Head: ≥500000

  • Coercive Force: 300-4000 Oe

  • The header, tailed, separator, prefix code, suffix code and track sequence can be programmed through MSR setting

  • The Density of Magnetic Stripe:

Track 1--210BPI with max 75 characters
Track 2--210BPI with max 75 characters or 75BPI with 37 characters;
Track 3--210BPI with max 75 characters 

Key lifetime: 〉15 million times
Key pressure: 55±15g
Key combination
Electro-Static discharge,The EMC Radiation Test is B(according to the standard like GB 4943、 GB/T 17626)
Lettering keycap: leaser engraving, which is clear and wear-resisting

Subject material: ABS (or HIPS)
Color: black or gray
Size: (L×W×H)395x170x40mm
Net Weight : 950g
Cable Length: 0.8m


  • Working Temperature: 0±40 ℃

  • Working Humidity: 10%-- 90%

  • Working Voltage: DC+5V ±10%

  • Working Current: ≤100mA

  • Storage Temperature: -20 ±55 ℃

  • Stroke: 4.0--0.5mm

The size of inner box:(L×W×H)412x186x51mm
The weight of inner box: 100g (including the electronic cable)
The weight of outer container: 800g

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